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December 14th, 2004 Comments off

The worst part about finals week is sitting around waiting for the final to begin. It’s like the whole week is just a race to get to the end. However, waiting for the OpSys presentation, is like waiting for your turn at the firing squad.


Finals Week

December 13th, 2004 Comments off

It’s almost been a week since I explained how I hate being a student, and you would think that I would just suck it up and get this week over with. Truthfully, I’ve been toying with the idea of not being a student. I almost don’t care if Marist kicks me out of school.
OK, now that I scared you, updates. The OS is pretty much done. It works, it does what it is supposed to do. Tomorrow afternoon is our presentation. I still need to finish some documentation, and wait for a trace to be printed, but as long as I study for the presentation and can relax, all will be fine. With that class at least….
I don’t know how I’m gonna force myself to learn a semester’s worth of Computer Networking before Wednesday’s exam. No way in hell for me in that class, especially with my Multimedia project due Wednesday afternoon (I haven’t paid as much attention to that as I should have either). All I’m hoping to do is get my ass in gear and put in the best effort I can and hope for the best. I already failed Algorithm Analysis, but I would feel bad passing that class without putting in the right amount of effort.
The worst part about this semester is that there’s no reason I couldn’t have done well in all 4 of my classes. After dropping Marriage & Family I had enough time to focus on all 4 of them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. That’s what’s been bothering me most about this semester. Granted, I’m not an A student, but by my standards, I could have done very well with these classes.
Enough with looking ahead, what did I do over the weekend…. Well, between cramming sessions and getting mad at my lack of artistic skills, I saw my father. I showed him the hacker space real quick, and showed him the outside of the house (been there over a year, and he just now saw it). He even called to apologize for my half sister’s oddness towards me ^_^. I took a trip to SUNY New Paltz to attend the end of the MHVLUG install fest, but after walking through the closed building we concluded that they already left. Drove around the village in the wrong direction and finally found them at a restaurant called Barnaby’s. Also started watching Smallville. Don’t know what the appeal is, but I do like watching it. It’s not the best writing and seems too much like a drama compared to other shows I watch, but it has an interesting concept. And unlike other towns in this country, everything is attractive and has money. And even when battered and bruised in a hospital bed, Chloe is fucking cute. ^_^ Almost makes me want to live in Smallville.


First post from the Hacker Space!!

December 8th, 2004 Comments off

Just over a week left in the semester!! I can’t wait for it to be over. I can’t wait for it all to be over. I hate school. I hate being a student. Whatever….Final tomorrow afternoon, last night class after that. Then I need to find time to finish the OS project for a presentation Tuesday, finish my multimedia project (going to be an ugly POS), and learn a couple of subjects that I should have been learning all semester long. AHHH!!!
But yea, we got the hacker space. We cleaned and painted. Power and networking are both working. We got more furniture today, it’s all starting to take shape. If you’re interested in colo hosting, or virtual hosting when that’s setup, send me an email.
Once school is over, I can help get things arranged and start working on rebuilding some machines. Hopefully that deal on servers will come through and I can get parazoid moved to it, but I’ll keep you posted with that.
Off to study for tomorrow’s exam…


Holy shit!

November 28th, 2004 Comments off

Most people that have at least seen what Half Life is will appreciate this. It’s just amazing what some people can do with some spare time and skill.



November 17th, 2004 Comments off

Almost anybody who has met me can tell you that I’m generally a nice guy. I’m only mean or non-helpful if you give me reason to be (or if you find me just after someone gives me a reason). Regardless, I’m never flat out cold to someone. I hate being cold to people, it’s not like me.
I hate being cold to people, but sometimes I need to be in order to not get hurt more. I hate it, but need to keep reminding myself that it’s better. =((