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August 23rd, 2005 Comments off

Me and Rob finally moved in…mostly. My room is sorely lacking in furniture, and we still need to move the couch and stuff for the living room, but we’re finally in. Sean lent me an A/C which is nice (well, I destroyed his, but A/C is still good).
School starts next week. I’m looking forward to it for some reason. I know I’m gonna hate algorithm analysis, but I’ll have fun with game programming and unix. Been re-reading LPI stuff lately along with all the notes and domino crap.
I feel like crap after this weekend though. I started watching Titus and was thinking about what would happened if my father died (not in the sense that I want him dead). Shortly after I got a call that he’s in the hospital. Sunday everybody was frightened because there’s no word of what’s wrong and the symptoms sound like what my great grandfather had years ago. I played the role of the good concerned son and sat around in Kingston for hours. I hear he went back to NH yesterday so I guess everything’s fine.
Time for random internet news. The Gentoo Linux Wiki reached 10,000,000 page views last week. Google’s IM service launches tomorrow. Gaim clients can already connect (read here for howto), message me at maristgeek.


The good ole days

August 3rd, 2005 Comments off

My new hard drive came in today so I started rebuilding my linux stuff. But in the meantime, internet access through the console. It’s amazing and almost tranquil not seeing advertisments and logos everywhere. Life is good (for simple one track minded folks).