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Firefly reading

June 15th, 2010 1 comment

Serenity: Float Out (Jo Chen Cover)In case you don’t have the pleasure of living near me and experience my recent Firefly excitement, here’s what you are missing out on. This month Dark Horse released a comic written by Patton Oswalt entitled Serenity: Float Out which covers a story focusing on Wash’s friends. Check out this io9 page for some story spoiling and a preview of the first few pages. I however am still waiting on my copy to arrive via snail mail.

Dark Horse is also releasing another Serenity series starting November 24 called Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale…obviously covering much anticipated backstory on Book. I can’t wait, although I am seeing mixed news on whether it’s a series, a one time graphic novel or what….either way, exciting.

The stories of how these both came to be are interesting too, google around because I’m lazy but feel free to start at this Wikipedia article.

And to keep you entertained in the meantime, here is an excellent Firefly fanfic mini novel from 2008 written by Steven Brust. I remember reading My Own Kind of Freedom on a business trip and thoroughly enjoyed reading it and the author really covered the characters and feel of Firefly well. I fully intend on re-reading this in the near future.


June 14th, 2010 Comments off

This is helpful for anyone that prints articles to read for later or whatever purposes you come up with, but also to anyone that reads articles online. If you haven’t run across it before, is an amazing service that lets you format a web page for printing. So get rid of ads, select and remove that annoying comment section full of trolls, enlarge certain sections…

The best part is that they provide a bookmarklet to easily format a page you are reading. Sometimes I will use it just to clean up an article I am reading not to print, just so I can focus on the content and not all of the cruft that makes it part of a website.

So go check out PrintWhatYouLike, save some paper and ink.

Ninite bulk installer

June 7th, 2010 Comments off

Posting this is probably mostly for me as I keep forgetting the name of this tool, but it is worth sharing. I found this from a Lifehacker article a while ago, and if I could remember the name of it I would use it every time I do a Windows install. Ninite allows you to go to a web page, select a bunch of freeware apps you want installed giving you a custom made installer that will just go to town downloading and installing the software you selected, resulting in very few clicks and questions. One simple shot at installing a bunch of apps that would take at least an hour if done manually.

Their Ninite One product would be awesome to have on a USB disk as well, but I’m not paying for a professional license.