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End of an era

January 31st, 2005 Comments off

I have officially killed the linode that was hosted from when it was first created. Linode is a great service for VPS and I regret leaving. But I see no reason to pay $20 for something I’m not using, especially when I have colo right here in Poughkeepsie.
In other news: Holy Shit! Did anyone see that Google is now (or soon to be) a domain registrar. Mix that with the fact that they bought Blogger and you see how big of an awesome monster Google is becoming.


Last night

January 29th, 2005 Comments off

Last night I had the best Beef Bowl ever at Hana Sushi. Matt is up for the weekend and we met up with some friends for the best trip to Hana. Tonight’s a concert at The Chance. Which reminds me…..Who has any interest in going to SnoCore on March 6th? (Chevelle, Helmet, Crossfade, Future Leaders of the World, & Strata) I kinda wished I knew about the Taste of Chaos (The Used, My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage, Senses Fail, Underoath….) tour, but I’m not that disappointed.
Classes aren’t that bad, with the exception of the Christian Studies class that I didn’t sign up for. I have lots to do, but I’m enjoying the classes.
As far as projects go, I’m going to be busy meeting Friday’s deadline with one of them. Currently, I’m pulling all the data off the old server and saying good bye to that. The Poughkeepsie space has sprung a leak a couple of times this week. (Check out the story here)
So that’s it. Classes aren’t bad, entered a contest to get an iPod, and my friend from growing up is in Poughkeepsie every Tuesday now (It’s always nice to see her). Now leave, and try playing Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid.


How is this possible?

January 16th, 2005 Comments off

Dammit, how do you not notice this?! I have a huge headache now just thinking about this.



January 13th, 2005 Comments off

Some of you know what I’ve been through this week, some of you haven’t heard the results, a good deal of you haven’t heard anything at all. So here it is. Last Wednesday, I was working on a server at work, and got a couple of phone calls from Site B that I didn’t answer. Cliff (member of Site B) calls me again that night to tell me that so and so from the Office of Advising called and left a message for me to call her back. This now gets me all nervous the rest of the night, as well as lets some parents know that I’m having issues at school. Great.
Wake up Thursday morning all nervous to find out that Marist opens at 11:00. Fine, try to nap a little more, walk to work, do somethings until about 12:30, go up to Advising to ask what the call was about (even though I knew exactly what news would be delievered) and formally found out that I have been academically dismissed. I found out that I am no longer a student at Marist. When you combine that with the fact that I’m at 96 credits, transferring to another school is just a waste of a year. Go downstairs to give one of my bosses my one week notice and go home since Marist closed at 1:00
Over the next few days, I am reminded that I am surrounded by a lot of great people willing to do anything they can to help. I had helpful advice for any situation, job offers, letters of recommendation. Most importantly, there were just people who cared. I realized this past week how lucky I am.
So Tuesday rolls around, and paperwork for appeals is due at 12:00. I turn my letter in, along with a letter of recommendation, and start the waiting game. Try to picture this. There are exactly 7 days until the semester starts, and you have no idea when the Academic Standards Committee is even going to begin looking at things. Then it starts snowing, and rumors start flying around about having a snow day Wednesday. Damn that’s nerve racking.
So Wednesday starts late due to snow. I spend the morning documenting projects I’ve worked on and getting my files together and moved and whatnot. Something that should have been done, but thinking that the following day could be my last day, now’s as good a time as any. People are asking when I get the results, I give them an evil look. But at this point I’m confident, I had a good chance. And if the appeal wasn’t approved, not the end of the world. It solves the problem of me not wanting to be a student anymore, and I had a list of people to talk to and jobs to try for. In the end though, I got my phone call and went up to the office, sat down, and looked at the big red stamp on my folder. APPEAL GRANTED woot!
Thank you everyone! Now I can finally relax a little (just a little, still have a list of projects and school starts next week), and maybe even get some sleep.



January 9th, 2005 Comments off

In my last post I congratulated two friends of mine (Dave and Sara) without giving any explaination. This scared a couple of people thinking Dave had proposed (maybe scared isn’t the right word…..ok, people were caught off guard). Let me clarify for those who did not see Dave’s away message Friday. It was their 1 year anniversary. Congrats to both again.
Server updates: Obviously the web server is up, but just 60 seconds ago, I got virtual domains to work (sorry to those that I forgot to tell about the move). Tomorrow I’ll move the gallery. I finally have mail working properly. Right now I know mail to works, but I don’t have a second domain to test virtual hosting with. Tomorrow I’ll add spamassassin, and maybe virus checking. Webmail soon to come. Let me know if anybody wants an account for email/web space.