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I’m still alive

September 27th, 2007 Comments off

..I guess. I figured now that we are almost done with September, I’d make my fourth post of the year. Nothing really to report. I wake up, go to work, get annoyed, go home to watch TV, sleep. Occasionally there are drinking sessions which leads to fun, but life is fairly routine. But just to recap:

– Free conferences are great.
– The Space is being shutdown. is now hosted virtually in Atlanta.
– I want to get back into PHP and doing development work. I have to thank having to do perl work at Marist for getting the programming bug back into me. I have a couple of small ideas of things to do once I get some updates/upgrades done.
– I’m starting to get back into the Internet again. For some reason, every time Summer comes around I stop paying attention to the Internet and stop reading email and news and completely ignore my feed reader until it is so large that it crashes my machine (+45k unread messages isn’t enough). But I am cleaning up and getting back into things, so hopefully I’ll start posting random stuff again, especially fun tips and tricks that I see. So many things to share. I am playing with WordPress and plan on switching soon. Does anyone have any suggestions on good plugins and/or themes?
– I live in Red Hook. Moved up in June with Dave and Sara.
– Have I said free conferences are great? Free food and an excuse to not be at work and not use up vacation day, wow!

Alright, I’m out of random points, and this session is almost over. I do feel bad not pointing to a cool tool or something, so go to xkcd and read through the entire archive. I’ve probably plugged it before, but my god is it good.