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Tron is so cool

February 27th, 2005 Comments off

Having an interesting weekend. Some good parts, some not so good parts. I’ve been relaxing and enjoying myself with geek friends today, and some people now understand some of my constant frustrations.
Friday: Got my car inspected. Now my brakes aren’t nearly as good as they used to be, but I don’t have to worry if I get pulled over. Did research at work. Moved an arcade machine (a real arcade machine from 1983) and some chairs into the space, then had a good time at Coco’s for dinner (mmm free rice pudding). Dropped by the party at my house, but only had two shots of jagermeister. Take care of people and did my own thing until 4:00.
Saturday: Geek trip to Barnes & Noble to witness a Kershaw failure. Back to the space to work on a few things, play Tron (hi score of 19300 right now), and watch stuff. Lots of fun, good relaxing day.
Sunday: After brunch I need to get more work done, and homework as well. I need to get to the next level of Tron.
I created a quick module to list some web comics I like (mostly because I lose track of them). I need to put a title on those two lists to keep them seperated or something. But do check The Order of the Stick. I’ve read the first 100 episodes, and it is very funny and keeps me interested. It features geek humor and a continual storyline, which is generally a plus. I hope Real Life Comics gets its database server back soon so I can continue reading that. If you want me to add a comic to that list, just say so.


Another busy weekend

February 17th, 2005 Comments off

I hope everyone has fun at Katsucon this year. I know I’m missing out. I also hear that the LinuxExpo got better this year, missed that opportunity as well. Bummer. Oh well, this weekend I’ll buy a ticket to SnoCore. Lots of people seem interested, so I’m hoping it will be a good time. Definately looking forward to Dane Cook this Sunday.
I added the Gaming For Hope link on the side there (look right). The date of the event is April 2. You don’t have to register to go unless you are thinking about bringing a computer. It would be nice to see people at least stop by and see what’s going on. Should be a fun time like last year’s….only much better since we’re not competing with 4 other events on campus that day. AND YOU HELP DIEING KIDS DAMMIT!
I’m sure I had more to post about before hand. I just all of a sudden felt really tired and can’t seem to function. This weekend I’m going to be doing a _shit_ load of reading for Art of Film, and maybe I’ll try Ethics (but that’s pushing it). I will be doing a lot of studying for Calc as well. Anyways, I expect to see everyone at Dane Cook on Sunday.
Let’s see what other news there is….just uploaded Friday’s Surliness comic. Rich introduced a good likeness of Professor Weir, who sprained his ankle in Boston the other night (be sure to laugh at him). I got another niece a couple of weeks ago (<?php $niece_count=3; ?>), and survived the death plague that I had last week. Nothing else to report, back to reading and playing and whatever else it is I do in the hours that I’m awake.


It’s almost the weekend

February 10th, 2005 Comments off

Being sick blows. By not sleeping this weekend (ok, a few hours Friday and Saturday, but I pulled an all nighter Sunday dammit), I managed to get a chest cold. Constantly waking up, endless hacking like you’re gonna lose a lung, punching metal walls to distract yourself from the pain….loads of fun.
So the weekend was good and bad. I got my third niece, spent a lot of time reading, nearly broke my laptop by spilling soda on it (every laptop owner’s deepest fear). Biggest news though, got a major over-haul. Not complete and has a couple of bugs here and there, but it’s a work in progress. Thank yous go out to Joe, Rahul and Professor Weir for their help. Please make comments on what you think about the new site, what you’d like to see, what you’d like to see fixed….
I’m looking forward to relaxing a little this weekend. The tests are done for the week. I have to do the first part of my compiler project this weekend, and I should definately start looking at my papers too. Other than that, some Parazoid stuff here and there, and catching up on watching TV.
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