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Chugworth! is back

November 9th, 2009 Comments off

In college, I was a fan of a comic called Chugworth Academy. It had good art, interesting stories, and whatnot. Like all webcomics, it eventually started to miss schedule, and even skip weeks. There was even a point in which the server just failed to exist, and yet I still tried to read it. I eventually gave up on it, but added an RSS feed into Liferea just in case it was ever to come back.

Well, the RSS feed I had is still broken, but I happened to stumble upon Chugworth!. It turns out that the authors just completely archived the old comics, and started the site fresh. The new comic picks up around 6 months after the end of the old series, but is supposed to be separate enough that readers do not need to read the previous series. There are only 5 posts up, but it’s looking good. Welcome back guys!

Check out Chugworth! and flip through the old Chugworth Academy archives when you get a chance (warning: some old posts can be NSFW)