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Everybody is getting ready

August 25th, 2004

School is almost here. Training and Development students are busting their asses all over campus for no recognition, and hot new freshmen are moving in. The labs are almost completely done (new machines, sleek monitors, XP), including the Linux Lab. The door will be unlocked again, and I urge everyone to at least try it out once. Anyone can login as guest with the password guest.
Along with the new school year comes yet another room, and roommate. I pretty much moved in, and Zach will be taking over the cubby Saturday. Hopefully for Zach, the room will not be purple, but we’ll see.
During the semester, I will continue to work on my parazoid stuff in order to stay sane. Email almost works, and I will start working on the webmail portion of it as soon as the Horde makes its release. I’ll put up a link of my list of things I’m working on if anyone cares, or wants to add anything. Surliness.com updates are also on my list.
If anyone can think of any kind of a design for a Parazoid logo, or a better slogan, please let me know.

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