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November 11th, 2004

OK, didn’t post right after failing my Algo exam, but here is the post anyway. I think I have passed the last two tests I took (which is a feat for me) so I’ve been in a decent mood. Somethings outside of school have been going well too, but I’m not sure if I want to get into it now.
Hmm, where to start. I’ve been keeping myself busy watching Farscape and Firefly. I do need to suggest that everybody watch Firefly (the entire 14 episode series) at least once. And be sure to go to the movie with me April 22. I’ve also been reading a lot of development type things and doing a little web work (not enough). Still need to write my resume 🙁 I did shut down moe the other day since I have successfully moved all my data to duffman, and it’s almost organized. It is definately easier to get to (read Windows users can easily get it). However, I re-arranged my computer layout again yesterday, so moe will get resurrected, and it will be time to move the data again.
Right now I’m rebuilding lenny so that I can start installing gentoo on cordova tonight. I’ve been waiting to do this all week. If I learn enough gentoo, I’ll install that on duffman later too.
So movie reviews! Obviously, I saw The Incredibles (twice even)! And of course, it was an awesome movie. I might go see it again for a third time soon, but I gotta catch The Polar Express first. Maybe I’ll take care of that this weekend.
Alright, no idea what else to tell you. Get the hell out of here

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