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Get better soon Pat!

November 16th, 2004

Sunday I installed gentoo and watched a few episodes of Farscape. For something that a lot of people having problems with, it was fairly straight forward, but then again, I didn’t install any software past what was needed to boot. A new release came out Monday and since I want to be more familiar with it, I started again today around noon. I remembered most of the steps, and had no problems. I even submitted a bug report to fix some documentation. Maybe gentoo will replace Slackware for me.
Speaking of which….For those of you that don’t know, the maintainer of Slackware is named Patrick Volkerding. Great guy if you ever talk to him. However, today he publicly announced how he’s been battling Actinobacteria since 2001. Good to know that he’s doing better. Read more here.
Yesterday was supposed to be a great day. That was the plan up until a month ago anyways. The way it worked though sucked. I had no luck with anything I did (I blame you Flash!!). The OS group pissed me off again and got nothing accomplished (In what world is it a good idea for everyone to draw out their own plans, then collaborate with the others later?), followed by the splitting headache that started around 4 and just kept getting worse until 11 when I could finally take something for it. But I didn’t think too much about why yesterday was supposed to be good….until about 6:00 pm today. Damn this sucks….
Oh! People need to go see Breaking Benjamin on Dec. 14 with me. I don’t care what finals you have, these guys sound amazing, and I really need to find out what their shows are like. If you need to listen to some of their stuff, come over and preview it.

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