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Snow day projects

January 6th, 2005

Nearly 3:00am, look out the door. It’s been snowing for several hours now, and weatherunderground reports that it’ll continue to accumulate about 6″-7″, with a good amount of ice. Looks like there will be a snow day for Marist. Another day for me to be busy with my winter projects
The new server is just about up (it’s busy recompiling just about everything as we speak), so I can play with dns in by the afternoon. Before I break anything, I will setup things so that all this is available at http://surliness.com/~jax. I already copied the gallery to http://gallery.surliness.com.
Been reading a couple of new comics. Mostly RealLifeComics. Many comics (1300+) on a usually slow server. I’m at comic number 600 now, 600!
Been remembering the days over the past couple of summers playing RPGs like Mage and Werewolf. I miss that. I could really use a game right about now. It let me release and hang out with good company, and gave me something to look forward to each week. Just wish there were people around with the time to play. Everyone graduated and has real jobs and a bed time. If anyone’s interested, let me know though.

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