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January 9th, 2005

In my last post I congratulated two friends of mine (Dave and Sara) without giving any explaination. This scared a couple of people thinking Dave had proposed (maybe scared isn’t the right word…..ok, people were caught off guard). Let me clarify for those who did not see Dave’s away message Friday. It was their 1 year anniversary. Congrats to both again.
Server updates: Obviously the web server is up, but just 60 seconds ago, I got virtual domains to work (sorry to those that I forgot to tell about the move). Tomorrow I’ll move the gallery. I finally have mail working properly. Right now I know mail to parazoid.net works, but I don’t have a second domain to test virtual hosting with. Tomorrow I’ll add spamassassin, and maybe virus checking. Webmail soon to come. Let me know if anybody wants an account for email/web space. jax@parazoid.net

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