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Little late on the update

March 12th, 2005

Whoops, got busy with midterms. So recap of last weekend. New computer, very awesome. I read the comic Game Under. Not a huge fan of it, but it did have nice stories, and I’m a fan of the artist’s style. Check it out for yourself though, 31 comics on a fast server.
Went to see Constantine on Saturday. I don’t care what Kershaw has to say about it, it was a decent movie. I’m amazed as the amount and detail with the computer graphics, and the fact that it wasn’t overly done either. And the music didn’t distract you from fight scenes either. It is not meant to be a Blockbuster hit, it is not meant for uptight people who just want to rip apart a story. I suggest going, it was worth the $5.
Sunday was the concert. Here it is early Saturday morning (past 4:30, I should probably head home soon) and I’m still happy that I went and saw three friggin’ awesome bands. I’m not knocking Chevelle at all that put on a great show, but I went to see Crossfade and Strata, which both impressed me. Oh, and fuck Future Leaders of the World.
So that about wraps it up. Just fixed a mail problem I didn’t know existed, but the resolution for that enabled a new feature that I like. Oh, and UT2004 is fun.

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