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Still geeking out

June 9th, 2005 Comments off

I finally started to calm down about the Google thing. In fact, I got nervous for a while and considered not entering. That’d be foolish. There’s no reason not to enter. I currently have five ideas that I’m playing with, thinking about, researching and what not. I need to get around to writing up the proposals for those, hopefully get another idea or two out there. Not that concerned if I don’t get accepted, there are plenty of things I want to learn this summer, the horde framework being one of them. Horde has things to work on for money outside of google anyway, so that’s something to look forward to.
I started geeking out again today though. I managed to get tickets for the third screening of Serenity! This time it’s in Albany, and there’s close to 20 of us going, hopefully we’ll be together this time and feel more like a group. A bunch of people that haven’t seen Firefly yet, or just recently watched it for the first time are going. I feel like a Browncoat now. 🙂


From the desk of Ben

June 1st, 2005 Comments off

Lots has been going, sorta. I’ve definately been spending most of my time catching up on sleep. Kind of a bad thing sleeping through work or just waking up really late in general, but it’s all good, and I’m starting to get a sleep pattern back.
Other than sleep, I’ve been listening to music and playing Guild Wars lately. I haven’t been playing as much as I’d like, but I’m enjoying it regardless. The Dark Hearts of Valor are all good people. One of the officers gave me 3 awesome hammers to use many levels from now.
In other news, GOOGLE IS AMAZING! This summer they have a program to encourage students to develop under open source licenses. But they’re giving away up to $1,000,000. That’s right, count the zeros. Each student that gets approved (200) has an opportunity to get $4500, and $500 goes to the organization that mentors said student. Friggin’ amazing. I need to come up with a couple of ideas. If anyone is interested, click here.