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I’ve reached the peak

September 8th, 2005

I was listening to this week’s Signal podcast (Serenity/Firefly stuff) and figured I should share my depression. The end of each show (at least recently) has featured a soundclip of a bunch of fans singing a part of the theme song. This brings back all sorts of memories from the first time I saw Serenity. That trip was amazing in levels I can’t explain. And knowing that I will never have those feelings again in my life sucks. This isn’t coming out right, but I’m sure Ben knows exactly what I’m talking about.
Depression aside, I do recommend listening to an episode of The Signal. It’s a good thing to have playing in the background while working on other things. You learn interesting things and get news on what’s going on in the ‘verse. No spoilers! And please vote for them at Podcast Alley. They’re 30 votes short of being #1 for the month and it’s important for September and October that it’s #1. September 30th baby!!

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