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Serenity, Part II…and other news

July 1st, 2005

Sorry that I didn’t post this last week. Anyways, I went to Albany last week to see a screening of Serenity again. It appeared to be the same copy I saw a month ago in Manchester, so nothing new to report on the movie. I probably didn’t give enough time between viewings, so I ended up picking the movie apart and watching for audience reactions this time around though. Still enjoyed the movie though. However, Regal cinemas absolutely blow! Yes, it was technically a stadium theater, but it was poorly designed. The seats were uncomfortable, the acoustics sucked, and it felt like we were all cramed into a small tin box. The staff sucked too! Most importantly, the atmosphere was not there at all. In Manchester, they were very nice to the fans and encouraged us to enjoy the screening and just be a big group of insane fans. That really changes the entire movie experience. At least I got to sign a birthday banner for Joss’ birthday after the movie last week though.
Google and the rest of the sponsers finally sifted through the applications for Summer of Code. Amazingly, Google upped the number of participants from 200 to 419 (410 for SoC and another 9 for some Japanese thing or something). Congrats to all the participants. I can’t wait to see some of the accepted projects. For now, you can find the projects that KDE is sponsoring here.
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And I conclude this broadcast with this annoucement: I will be moving out of the house at the end of July.

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