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Gaim Summer of Code

July 7th, 2005

Gaim has recently put up public blogs for all of their Summer of Code participants. Looking at the projects, I’m glad to see that someone is working on UPnP enabled file transfers so file transfers will work with NAT, which is good (assuming that will work with linux). However, I’m now mad at gaim (probably due to some alcohol) because almost every one of the 15 selected projects was a project they had listed as something that needs to get done. Hell, they even copied their own project descriptions. While I’m glad they found people to take care of things that have been listed to get done for a while now, it’s like Gaim didn’t look at anything creative and different and were just thinking about themselves. I know I’m not making my point clear, but it really bothers me that most of their selected projects were just simple things that the project has needed. Hell, some of them are almost done.

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