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The semester is almost over

December 4th, 2005

“Warning, incoming update.”
Alright, I admit, I’ve been watching ReBoot too much lately. But time for updates. There is one week of classes left before finals. My second game project is due Tuesday, and of course I’ve procrastinated too much on it. My biggest problem is that it just isn’t interesting enough for me to care. I didn’t have that problem the last time around.
After finals I need to clean my room. Half the room became this space that houses all the crap that I just drop in here. I haven’t made my bed since September. The A/C is still in the window. Hell, I haven’t even hung up the linux flag yet (those of you that know me know that I don’t officially move in until that flag hangs). Somebody needs to make sure that I do obsolutely nothing the weekend after finals until my room is presentable.
So what else has been going on? This has been a big week in the world of open source. New branches of Apache HTTPd and Firefox have come out (take note that firefox is now at mozilla.com). A new development branch of MySQL has also been released, as well as lots of action in the GNOME and PHP worlds.
I finally finished reading Starship Troopers. It surprising didn’t take me long to read. Short chapters and other breaks are very important. Next up is The Hobbit. I’m also trying to read more tech books so I can forgot what I know and learn it the right way. I’ll post my overall plan about that on my development blog soon.

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