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Hated by the Linux gods, and a random search

January 15th, 2006

Upfront, I apologize for not having EasyMoblog replaced yet and fixing how text is formatted for RSS. I did try Serendipity a little this weekend, but I was actually doing things at work this week, so no migration.
Look at that, already off track. I’ve tried many times to start using duffman again this week for Solaris testing. Between forgetting memory, forgetting mouse, forgetting that I’m using dvd media without a dvd-rom, and putting a 512MB stick into a motherboard that will only accept sticks up to 256MB, I have realized that this might be the Linux gods’ way of telling me “NO!”. Whatever, I’ll find more RAM and try again tomorrow. Jerks.
On a random note though, I was thinking about the word blog. Obviously it is short for weblog, but I started questioning whether there was ever a site called WeBlog. I would assume that by now there would be some WeBlog social network service do-dad whatever, But no. Weblog.com is just an advertisement, weblog.net redirects to a Spanish forum, and weblog.org is someone’s personal blog. Interesting. This is the stuff I find interesting.

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