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Suspend is back…too well

December 2nd, 2008

To clarify last night’s post, the laptop had no problem suspending….resuming on the other hand was odd. If you google for “fedora 10 resume” you see plenty of people have been having similar problems. Upon resuming, all I would get is garbled video for a few seconds before the system would lock up.

This was bothering me enough on the drive home that I contemplated dropping down to Fedora 9 for now. Luckily I ran across Fedora’s Common F10 bugs and added nomodeset to my kernel parameters in /etc/grub.conf. I did not have high hopes for that to work, but it does….and then some. The boot process is not as pretty but I’m suspending and resuming, I could not care less about what the boot process looks like. So now I successfully suspend, but the fun comes with the resume. When I open the laptop the system just about resumes, then suddenly suspends again. This would continue the sad panda moment, but resuming again works. So I just have to resume twice, I can live with that.

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