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The good ole days

August 3rd, 2005 Comments off

My new hard drive came in today so I started rebuilding my linux stuff. But in the meantime, internet access through the console. It’s amazing and almost tranquil not seeing advertisments and logos everywhere. Life is good (for simple one track minded folks).


It’s back

July 30th, 2005 Comments off

Hooray! My laptop is back in my custody. I’m still short one hard drive, but that should be replaced in a week or so. For now I’ve got Windows XP installed on a 6 GB hard drive that I’ll swap out, it’s amazing how much space Windows takes up :(. Now I have to play with hacking my new cell phone.


…many naps later

July 30th, 2005 Comments off

Ok, so I probably finished one last summer too, but this is sorta monumental for me. So many good parts of that book. If anyone wants to borrow let me know, here‘s some info about it cortesy of


Snow Crash

July 28th, 2005 Comments off

I just hit the 50 chapters mark in the book I’m reading and have 100 pages to go. I’m finally getting somewhere reading a book.


New music

July 21st, 2005 Comments off

I’ve noticed today after browsing around that a lot bands that I like listening to are about to release new albums.

Cold – A Different Kind of Pain – Aug 30
Trapt – Someone in Control – Sept 13
Switchfoot – Nothing is Sound – Sept 13

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I remember.