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Summer of Code report

September 26th, 2005 Comments off

I still haven’t gotten back into my routine of checking things online the way I used to. Hell, I haven’t read a comic in two weeks. But I did find this link from NewsForge with highlights on Google’s Summer of Code. It’s too bad that Google won’t update their own friggin’ page, but whatever.
I still haven’t gone through the highlights myself, but just watching Gaim development this summer, I saw a lot of the students patches get integrated with the 1.x series. Some of the new features are strictly for 2.0 though. gShrooms looks like it might be interesting.
That’s it. I’m done reporting anything on this subject!



September 19th, 2005 Comments off

Sorry, I had so many things I wanted to say/post on Friday. I continue to feel like I have lost myself, and I was quite drunk Friday night. I’ll post information and rants and shit in the next few days, but I need to catch up with studies and work (like work work).
But I have a question. What the hell is everyone planning on doing for Serenity weekend? Many people want to see it, but nobody has a plan yet.


Pencils down people

September 11th, 2005 Comments off

Google’s Summer of Code is now officially over. I haven’t looked at anything that was being done in the past month or so, but I’ll be putting up a bunch of links at the end of the week with reports of interesting things I find. For now though, I can tell you that there should be some nice features added to gaim shortly, and you can check out a couple of reports here, here, and here.
Congrats to all the students that were fortunate enough to participate. I hope you all enjoyed and learned from the opportunity you were given. Thanks to Google as well, you guys rock. I wish Google had released more information or at least updated more often, but reports over the next couple of weeks should be sweet.


I’ve reached the peak

September 8th, 2005 Comments off

I was listening to this week’s Signal podcast (Serenity/Firefly stuff) and figured I should share my depression. The end of each show (at least recently) has featured a soundclip of a bunch of fans singing a part of the theme song. This brings back all sorts of memories from the first time I saw Serenity. That trip was amazing in levels I can’t explain. And knowing that I will never have those feelings again in my life sucks. This isn’t coming out right, but I’m sure Ben knows exactly what I’m talking about.
Depression aside, I do recommend listening to an episode of The Signal. It’s a good thing to have playing in the background while working on other things. You learn interesting things and get news on what’s going on in the ‘verse. No spoilers! And please vote for them at Podcast Alley. They’re 30 votes short of being #1 for the month and it’s important for September and October that it’s #1. September 30th baby!!



August 23rd, 2005 Comments off

Me and Rob finally moved in…mostly. My room is sorely lacking in furniture, and we still need to move the couch and stuff for the living room, but we’re finally in. Sean lent me an A/C which is nice (well, I destroyed his, but A/C is still good).
School starts next week. I’m looking forward to it for some reason. I know I’m gonna hate algorithm analysis, but I’ll have fun with game programming and unix. Been re-reading LPI stuff lately along with all the notes and domino crap.
I feel like crap after this weekend though. I started watching Titus and was thinking about what would happened if my father died (not in the sense that I want him dead). Shortly after I got a call that he’s in the hospital. Sunday everybody was frightened because there’s no word of what’s wrong and the symptoms sound like what my great grandfather had years ago. I played the role of the good concerned son and sat around in Kingston for hours. I hear he went back to NH yesterday so I guess everything’s fine.
Time for random internet news. The Gentoo Linux Wiki reached 10,000,000 page views last week. Google’s IM service launches tomorrow. Gaim clients can already connect (read here for howto), message me at maristgeek.