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Snow is falling

March 1st, 2005

It’s safe to assume you have a minute since you’re here. Check out this comic. It’s not that funny until you click on the “NEXT COMIC” link, but you’ll enjoy it.
I’m like a little kid right now. We have close to 4″ of snow now, and I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to find out if classes get cancelled. Wow do I hope class gets cancelled. I’d miss getting a chance to see Sarah, but screw Art of Film.
Speaking of class, pre-registration begins soon. My schedule is looking so much better than I originally planned. I’m going to drop the IT minor (why do I need a minor when I have the experience) which gets rid of one of my Ten Eyck classes and I’ll have some fun classes like Game Design and Programming. Check it out. I’ll finally have a semester without night classes. XD

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