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Good representation on how caffeine works

January 2nd, 2005 Comments off

Holidays blow

December 24th, 2004 Comments off

I’ve slipped back into my depression the past couple of days. Add on top of that the fact that I was retarded enough to go grocery shopping this morning, wasted hours of my day on a failed attempt at baking, then had a horrible drive to Site B. Then, as if I wasn’t feeling bad enough, I walked into the place and found myself yelling at the dogs I haven’t seen in a month.
The icing on the cake was opening my phone to check the time, and seeing this kind reminder… 🙁 Drinking at Shokan tonight, anybody want to join me? I’ll be drinking alone tomorrow night in Poughkeepsie 🙂


Amazing Site

December 22nd, 2004 Comments off

Wow! If you find yourself bored and want to check out a fun site, go to Funny, amazing, creative….
Watch some of the short films and play the games. His animations are very well done. His education videos teach you important lessons (email communication, advice on dating, etc…)
Why are you still here?! click me.


What I learned this semester

December 15th, 2004 Comments off

So I realized that this semester was to prove a point. To show the world how much of a failure I am. Show everyone that I can’t handle anything in life.
With this semester, I have thrown my life away. How depressing is that?



December 14th, 2004 Comments off

The worst part about finals week is sitting around waiting for the final to begin. It’s like the whole week is just a race to get to the end. However, waiting for the OpSys presentation, is like waiting for your turn at the firing squad.